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"R-News" & Events

Keeping the residents of the Reserve at Santa Fe up to date on the latest community news is one of our top priorities. Check back with us regularly to find out more about different topics and local events in and near Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The Reserve is dedicated to making the grounds as safe as possible. We had new handrailing installed around the property in new locations that needed it. We are also working to reenforce our 3-story staircases and make them stronger than ever.

landscaping & grounds

The drought in the southwest is real. The Reserve is not immune to the issue. We are working with arborists and other landscaping professionals to help guide us so that our trees and plants can last another 35 years.

possibilities for units

The architectural committee has worked hard to ensure that renovations and changes to units are safe and practical. Recent reconstructions have shown us the ins and outs of the units so that we can listen to new ideas and see what can be done (safely and within limitations, of course).

living with COVID

The pandemic affected The Reserve like all places in the last two years. With guidance from the board and medical professionals in the community, we believe that we can all be safe and respectful to one another in the public areas of the complex.


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