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"R-News" & Events

Keeping the residents of the Reserve at Santa Fe up to date on the latest community news is one of our top priorities. Check back with us regularly to find out more about different topics and local events in and near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

roof replacement

Our roofs get an update every 7 years in order keep their lifetime warranties. Buildings 400 and 1100 received an update along with new canals and commercial-grade gutters.

landscaping & grounds committee

Residents have come together to help get grounds looking wonderful! If you want to join in the fun, let the office know, and you can feel good about making The Reserve gorgeous.

drainage issues resolved

After the “monsoon to end monsoons” from the summer of 2018, we looked at The Reserve’s drainage issues and believe we have tackled each one.  To digging water retention areas, adding gutters in new locations, and putting in underground drainpipes, we have tried to move water away from the buildings.

striped road

After many of the residents and the office staff politely asking the city, we finally have Calle Mejia striped.  Now, all we need is a bike line, or even better-a sidewalk, for us to travel downtown with ease.


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